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Just One Night by Gayle Forman

Just One Night - Gayle Forman

Books One and Two allow us more than a love story. Both pave the way for clarity in who they were both becoming- as to who they both were as individuals, and then who they both could become for each other. Both books: Romantic, slow, and yes, all about the swoon, but not just. Because of both are about the journeys they both embark: her and her One Day, with him as her guide; and then him and his Year after that.

I loved Book One because of the possibilities opened to her; I loved Book Two because of the links to who he was and that time and again juxtaposed to who they could become; specifically a past found in the examples set by Yael and Bram and then the “who they could become…” Them.

But this One Night of theirs, is a sweet exclamation to all of the above, as it is an elaboration on the blurry bits for both. And I loved it for that reason: as within is a confirmation as to their truth: that he loves her; she is more to him than any other girl come before; that she loves him, he is more to her than just the First Guy/ the One who could have gotten away.

I have much love for this one.