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The Star Thief (Star Thief Chronicles, #1) by Jamie Grey

The Star Thief - Jamie Grey

There’s nothing that blows my mind in this one; but neither was there anything that merited a 2 or 1. Overall, it’s an OK read. With a lead in Renna who is kick ass in owning herself and what she’s capable of and using what’s handy to get things done. In fact, it’s that she consistently gets out of whatever mess that’s present without much effort, so often in occurrence that I became less and less interested in her… because for the most part she’s kick ass. End off. Plus the matter of all the romantic interests (plural) who are all too easily swayed by her feminine wiles. On the one hand: Yay! for owning that aspect of yourself; on the other… is that all it would take to distract so and so? So, sharp contrast is made between her and the rest of them: her- kick ass - where the rest of them - a little too simply depicted for me.