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Fortune's Pawn (Paradox, #1) by Rachel Bach

Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach

Fortune's Pawn: three parts kick ass and one part swoon.

The prospect of a new series to love has got me all excited because what's there to love? The very kickass/ballsy Devi? The mysterious dude figure who's unknown factors had me thinking Barrons? (Yes! I have indeed invoked the name of Barrons!) Or even the world... it's a sci fi read with adventure up the whazoo; and all of it's been so cleverly laid out that each reveal, each piece anf player had me wanting just a little bit more.

Devi knows her mind, what she can do, what she wants, and what she doesn't want. Her ambition lands her on a 'cursed' ship, manned by a bird-thing, a lizard-thing, pretty woman, the happy family, and a cook. All is not as it seems because if it's not one thing then there's another that had her spidey senses all a-tingle.

I enjoyed her; not once did she sit back and wait for things to happen; she'd stir things up, poke her nose where it didn't belong... and was ever-ready for the ripples that were bound to follow. She's no trouble maker exacty, but simply aware of things and people and rules around her... it's that awareness that lead her into the most interesting of situations.

The rest of them: they are all cloaked in mystery. Some of them I had pegged; in no way were they just what they claimed to be... and with each reveal made, there I'd be all excited again. Questions on who's the captain, what's he up to? Or who's the cook? Or who THEY all were really! Then come to find out- there are no simple labels here; what she'd come to expect as well as what she knew, didn't apply to The Captain and his Fool or his people as the trader wasn't just a trader, neither was the cook just a cook, and for that matter, neither was the kid! So, that enemies become maybe-enemies; and allies weren't just that. It's all murky here--- and with her the new girl, clearing it up was, let's just, say: interesting.