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The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3) by Julie Kagawa

The Forever Song - Julie Kagawa

Never has a book title been more fitting. In fact 'forever song' has me thinking of Lamb Chop and that other song because they both just wouldn't end; though this was less the cutesy cute with the puppet, and more on the gore plus the pissing and moaning over The Hunger or Who They Were Now (note the use of caps because more than one person makes a big to-do over the same in such a wordy manner.)

Were I to describe the story's progression, it would be: walking, walking, bitter internal monologue about this or that, some more walking at times with said monologue. Pepper all that with moments of Jackal and the even fewer instances of Kanin being the awesome mentor that he was.

As things stood, the characters in this are largely the same folks PLUS Allison's brain. God! Someone, somewhere was begging to make it stop (as in me and here.) All the whining and the crying over what's lost, what's gone, and her conviction on What She Was Going To Do About It (yes, caps on that, too) took away from the awesome of what could have been.

Hell, the only instances the story veered away from said pattern was when a Twist would come in; though calling them 'twists' is a debatable as well. Sadly, there's predictability in how things turned out that even the surprises happen exactly as you expect them.

But why the 2.5? Easy! Jackal and her mentor. From the start Kanin had a fan in me; though my hero worship in the latter has dimmed over the course of this three book series, I still say he is the best in this. Jackal was a surprise, shifting from one thing to something else entirely. I simply love love love what he added to this story.

thank you netgalley!