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Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens

Faking Normal - Courtney C. Stevens

They both break your heart page by page, only to put it back together again by the end.

I love books like these.

It's 5:13 in the morning over here and having read through the night, was it worth it?

That it's not just her but him as well, who feel broken.
That it's not just her being there for him, but him being there for her.
That it's her and how she (does not) deal, as does he... it ALL got me weepy.

I love that reading is is not easy, that resolving things don't take place in 1-2-3. But I love more the learning who you're with coupled with the finding out what you're capable of.

Then there's the complications of other people in their lives, and how those same people make things easy then hard then harder as well. I want to say more... but I'm tapping this out on my phone and am just about tapped out, but I'm asking myself again, is going out today after zero hours of sleep because of this worth it?