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Murder of Crows (The Others, #2) by Anne Bishop

Murder of Crows  - Anne Bishop

Not since Curran have I been so giddy over an Alpha. I just loved the two leads in this one because the novelty of who she was was wearing of, but there's still a lot of unknown about her and then contrast that to the oddness of him feeling what he was... it was all so cute, just. so. darned. cute.

But me all giddy-happy over the cuteness of them together should not detract from the overall scary monster throwback a majority of the characters had going for them. In fact it's that scary nature of things and people-as-clever-meat combo that made for all the interactions even more interesting.

Because there's this obvious split between how those on either side perceived the other. They each made valid points... there's indeed a shorsighted tendency of one; there is also truth in the brutality of the other. Yet, despite whatever lack or excess either had, there's the positive to contend with as well. The hierarchy and order of their world allows us a peek into them specifically; there are rules regarding how things work and they all play by it. And with all that as backdrop, we've all these players who made. my. month!

I enjoyed them. Especially, how the newness of her was still there, but not completely. Because she's found her place and they've made a place for her... and it's obvious! Yet it's the why of that which confounded a lot of them.... him especially. And I loved all those moments. How there were all these feels, yet they're both unsure about what to do, what to say, or why that was the case. Basically, they're bumbling about, yet here I was feeling giddy-giggly over their misteps as well as when things would go right. Because though things are unclear to them, it's just obvious to the rest of us. And that... that had me giddy.

However, set aside all the cutesy romantic (that I loved,) MoC still has the edgy dark aspect that was notable in the first; it's what pushed the story faster and faster here. The questions of Meg- where she's from plus what's she's been through are clear but not completely because if in Book One, it's her outrunning her past, here one could say, the same has caught up with her and now, she's got the Others. And what they do and all that happens because of the same... I want to say it now.... I really do, but you all have to pick this up and read it.