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Misbehaving (Sea Breeze, #6) by Abbi Glines

Misbehaving  - Abbi Glines

geeeez.... what is up with their names?

i realize i should probably stop picking these books up by now, (hell, i knew this some time after book 1, right before i was starting book 2, but they are quick reads if nothing else.

to the book, is there anything good in this one? let's go with a nope. same old same old of poor sad rich boy wanting... no, needing to be there for the female; though the same girl is almost slightly different from the previous ones as she's not virginal woman on pedestal... just the exact opposite but if you wait a few beats, you discover that beneath the caked up make up and inside her inch long skirt is a girl who's hurting too. bla bla bla. (basically, if you've read one of hers, you've read them all.)

there's also the added bonus of her being the object of every single guy's affection here. seriously, why though? there's her crazy ex, there's the rock band lead (KRIT?! seriously, what's with their names?!) and yes, jason, who's come forth in this one as another one of gline's man-boy leads who is wealthy beyond imagination, hot-hot-hot, and vacillates between being the only nice guy she has seemingly ever encountered who wants to help her to the Alpha type who's all mine-mine-mine when other's like him come out. it's all so old hat.

yet, with all those negatives pointed out, there's a welcome variation in the way things started then stopped then started up again for the two of them. it's not all "mine" declarations being made the first time they each lay eyes on each other (but it was close.) because the whole trying to step back on both their parts, that was new.

but geez, "krit?" really? his name alone has me thinking something creepy crawly despite the character being one of the "better" guys (and i say "better" in the loosest sense, too.)