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Unravel by calia Read

Unravel - Calia Read

Wait a minute. Just. Wait. A. Minute. I’m slightly confused even if I sort of knew how things were going to play out. Is this Tyler Durden all over again or Beautiful Mind? because this book was for the most part awesome in the telling but slightly confusing in its ending. Soooo, I love/hate that final twist because yes, part of me readily picked up on all the hints as they were dropped; yet another part of me is still shout-asking what the hell that one thing meant.

In this is a story of a girl who wants to do right by her friend. It’s the same girls falling for two men, both equally good but not too good. Though this factors sounds like it’s the makings of a a triangle, that’s far from the case. There’s a layering of things here that makes things more than who she’s with. More than who she’s with because the question eventually becomes that of where she was as well as WHY.

For most of the story, I thought I knew the answer. And I did just not all of it! And I… love (?) that (witness my uncertainty!) Unravel is a complicated little web of who then who then how because it’s not just Naomi’s story, but Lana’s as well. Then it’s not just Naomi’s story as “friend,” but her story as girl becoming woman with Lachlan in view; then later her becoming her own, woman given who Max was.

If only this simplification of mine were the extent of it…

Because with each slip and each detail revealed, the more I thought I’d pieced the bigger picture together, then faster I‘d read in wanting a confirmation of how awesome my sleuthing skills were. Once I got there I felt like I’d walked face first to a pane of glass. I was so sure… only to be faced by that sudden What’s this? moment.

Now all that talk on twists aside, Calia Read’s writing is just as remarkable. In the same way that Sea of Tranquility and Storyteller proved that NA is not always just simply hot romance; well, there’s nothing “simple” here, neither is it just a romance for that matter. There’s sophistication in the manner of telling here as she does not rely on the romance to fuel a reader’s interest (although the same is present). On the writing, it has got the same feel as those two book mentioned. Moody. Slow going - but not boring, and very specifically vivid (till’ that ending of course). On the romance, it’s not just that.

This is so much more than the typical NA.