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Minders by Michele Jaffe

Minders - Michele Jaffe

Wow. I have so many questions and I have no idea where to start, but let’s just say that reading this was a little like watching Inception. The question of What’s this was on repeat the whole time Sadie was in his head. In. His. Head.

I want to sum it up but don’t want to give anything away; plus given everything in it, I think I wouldn’t be doing this book any favors. BUT this is what I have got: there’s a program of some sort with two parties to it: one aware and the other not at all. Well, three actually, as there’s the whole Roach bit ala puppet master. But there’s the more intriguing bit of how she tells his story.

His all lost boy-sad boy, piecing things together and finding things out even when everything and EVERYONE around him was telling to simply let go. I was all WHY WHY WHY like he was, I suppose. As he digs a story unfolds of them as brothers and them as family and them and their choices and who they’ve let down and who they haven’t. It’s all so sad and ach-y~ a lot like watching a Hallmark movie only without the happy ending. Because his happy is long way over, it’s his present that’s all about the after that.

The awesome bit here is how she is in his head and pulls us in with her. Because he DOESN’T KNOW and it’s in HIS NOT KNOWING that things unfold with honesty. We see him for who he is and how he could be. There’s not much play acting on who he was, what he wanted, and what he was feeling because there’s ignorance TO HER that made it all work out that way. In the mean time, there’s the cracking of objectivity and --- hell, that inevitable --- empathy morphing into this one-side Thing that had me befuddled. Befuddled because she knew better. I knew she knew better, but there she was falling as she was. More confusing still was me rooting for the idea of a them, when in reality there really is no them. Because while she was in his head, he wasn’t in hers.

I have a whole bunch of questions. Like Miranda who? And what about Plum and poor Bucky! But Minders has left an impression one with the little nugget of how well laid plans have far reaching consequences, but mostly it’s re-interpretation of his emotion and his memory, the way things are associated with the simpler things making knowing him through her almost possible.