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The Edge of Falling by Rebecca Serle

The Edge of Falling - Rebecca Serle

In The Edge of Falling, you figure out the truth a long ways from the ending, but the why of it as well as what comes because of it are what make this book. In this there is a pushing away from others and a pulling into self, and then much later there’s a choosing of the unlikely (or may be not too unlikely, considering what we soon discover about the parallels in their situations.) And because of all that, this was not an enjoyable read, but still was one I couldn’t put down.

It’s obviously not enjoyable to witness all those moments that pointed to the lead’s need for perspective. It certainly wasn’t enjoyable to see her choosing a thing despite how wrong-ly thought out, or not thought out at all, a decision was in the making. Even the unnecessarily slow reveal of what really took place on that edge was not as interesting as the rest of it because it felt a tad unnecessary in the piecing of it together as it was rather obvious. Still, the lead drew me in (yes, that’s despite all those flawed bits) BECAUSE I felt with her.

I felt with her because there’s truth in her emotions; they may not have made sense and I may not have agreed (and certainly none of the people around her may have agreed,) but what she was feeling and what she was doing as a result followed in a direct way, as in there’s one thing then another thing, approval/ agreement with the same just not being the other thing that followed.

Thank You, Edelweiss!