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Backward Compatible by Sarah Daltry Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story by Sarah Daltry and Pete Clark

Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story - 'Sarah Daltry',  'Pete Clark'

Backward Compatible. So where in the story of two completely nerdy (or is it geeky?) leads, falling in love and doing completely nerdy (or is geeky?) together does backward compatibility go? Their activities ranges from tame movie going, to the slightly more interesting cosplay to the well, then to the always hilarious moment of having Lanyon of One Lines hanging out (or hanging on?) to them.

I liked this even when I felt like I wasn’t supposed to. The jokes you see, could cross a line. And still, I laughed because Lead Guy and Lead Girl? They both were pretty simple in what made them (and me in turn) happy. Namely. a crude joke here, here and here. (in every line in this in fact.. and almost always because Lanyon was making some offhand observation of some sort or making some joke often at the expense of some one’s mother.) Plus all their game playing, though the game-speak more than likely flew by me, the way it’s made part of the story was … funny.

The single-minded way they could get when on something and then continue and continue and just continue some more sounds like something my brothers did (OK, still do) … and it’s hilarious for that very reason. It’s not just the passion for that one thing though, there’s an enthusiasm for them for a lot of the things they take part in whether pretending to be some other character, or forming sudden friendships that sprout up out of nowhere, or hell, even the passion in seeing how not like others certain someone’s are, and yes, there’s them doing for all intents and purposes nothing of value and still getting a kick out of it all the same. Really, nothing happens here. And still I laughed.

We can thank Lanyon for that… there are lot’s and lot’s of gems in this one… granted there are lots and lots of the opposite as well, but I laughed on both accounts. Now ere I being honest, the laugh a minute way things went here, could have had this book falling under the trying too hard side of things AND maybe the number of in-references that others may get and more than a few others (like me) will not get could get annoying BUT the general way things are laid out here: they work. Because what we have are two awkward protagonists finding love in the likeliest place, going on a digital adventure with a team of likeminded odd balls, some more apparently similar than a few specific others BUT it’s the “falling in love” but simplifies things.

Is that where the title’s significance springs a new them together, syncing up with the old them separately? Or is it just because of new game in question has them all come together in a hilarious fashion? One thing is clear though: this was funny.

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