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Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood

Six Impossible Things - Fiona Wood

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Ha! Talk about asking then receiving; seeking and then finding!

There’s that lovely, lovely building up between them. How it’s maybe one sided at first, then set aside for all else taking place, then at the forefront of every one of his thoughts? It’s lovely and sweet and bit desperate and just like the Creepy and the Maud: a touch wrong too- a fact that he’s not denying but ill at ease with… till’ that admission on his part. At which point things turned sad then sadder again. Because he made me want to give him a hug (and I’m not a hugging type!) Now, the girl in this one… she made me want to open her eyes a little more: pay attention please is what I was feeling… till’ her admission on CD boy and it’s made clear that she was paying attention. Yet, it’s HIS big reveal that had me backtracking and wishing she’d pay less attention.

But all of him and her then all his peers take second place to what I found truly remarkable: the truths about how he could be with his mother and to his father even when it’s the opposite that he wants:

His voice is funny and sad and frustrating smart then not smart; his observations, right most of the time but then at others not that at all: him and his musings on having patience in theory but the same eluding him in reality? So Me. His relationship with his mother: sympathetic all we’re in the same boat and stuff, becomes a touch sadder (?) with each frustration and angry outburst they’d bring out in the other. That anger of his especially and wanting his feelings otherwise but having no other target to feel that way toward? Too honest… but totally real. What he feels for his father (whose absence is pivotal in so many ways) and wanting the other to stew but not wanting to let go then still keeping that distance? Again: So Real.

There are so many true things in here… true things I wish weren’t true because with each bit of truth, it’s clear what’s real isn’t pretty: it’s sad and frustrating with people letting others down, the narrator not excluded. Yet because of that: what’s funny and sweet became funnier and sweeter with all the other stuff as backdrop.