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She is Not Invisible by Marcu Sedgwick

She Is Not Invisible - Marcus Sedgwick

So many things in this make it different: all those interesting tidbits on what coincidence is and what others had to say about it. Then the world as experienced by Laureth, her reality and how she perceives contrasted to how others do. Sprinkle on some of what's precocious in a kid brother who's not a spoiled brat! Plus a set of parents with a different tack on how to get things done.

But I feel let down...

... that ending especially had me wondering where all the awesome went. It could have been more; instead we're left with a character at first perceiving things as she had not before because of the journey her father had begun in his writing; and then... well, nothing.

All's not lost though; I think my favorite thing here was the ideas of her father and how those opened her to all those something else's. Yet things stopped there; possibilities and thoughts and all these maybe-connections between what's mundane for one but deep and profound for another. So cool, I felt... but where'd all that go? From deep ruminations to the not deep at all with an adventure that I still can't get behind.

Sure we could go back to this book being all about what's great for another not being the same for the rest, but really? It was like jumping back and forth between that Jim Carey movie (the scary one with the numbers) and Home Alone 2. And while I'm not exactly knocking the second one (it's a Christmas favorite, as all HA movies are over here,) it's just that the gap between the first and the second is almost impossible to bridge. So, yes, 'let down' is precisely what I'm feeling.

Still, thank you, NG!