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Red Fox (Experiment in Terror #2) by Karina Halle

Red Fox - Karina Halle

I strongly feel that the scariest thing here is Movember more than anything else. That’s a real  thing? Yikes. That aside… I do love how Perry and Dex have grown here. There’s a growing attachment on her part coupled with that clearer picture of who Dex is. I can’t say there’s balance between them despite neither of them having it all together… because they’ve both got secrets. But still, one can’t help liking the non-perfection they both have! Then the skin walkers! Yes, there are a lot of “young” moments here care of Perry… but clearly that’s not just what she’s all about. The insecurity that we started with her in book one has shrunk a bit, and in its place some balls have grown. She’s found herself totally out of her element and is excited about it. Musings of Poltergeists in Navajo country… and well, who wouldn’t feel excited? Ugh… I mean, scared? So it’s a good sequel, with the not-discoveries on who she could be as well as the bigger developments on who they could be for each other, especially.



Good sequel.

Next, please.