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The Falconer (The Falconer, #1) by Elizabeth May

The Falconer - Elizabeth May

Violence and angsting and (the not) grieving and then some romancing... but mainly it’s all the killing that takes place (sometimes in big explosive fashion) that’s made reading FALCONER remarkable. Well, that and the scary faeries… think V’lane except with a dash of whatever made scarymysteriousterrifying Barrons all scarymysteriousterrifying. And then go back to the killing again.

It’s the laid out violence that makes it clear: she’s a kick-ass lead and this? This is a kick-ass book. And, sure, there’s the Vlane/Barrons type all hot and mesmerize-y… but there’s also all the creative little steampunk bits made even better as it is creativity present in kick-ass girl lead. So kick-ass with the smarts!

Yet beyond the big different things: there’s the smaller more personal aspect, too. Particularly that thing pushing her to do what she’s doing and owning what’s become of her. it’s this that reveals the ‘something’ more here.

So, let’s break Falconer down: (a) It takes turns being kick ass and then even more kick ass. (b) There’s V’lane/Barrons/V’lane feeling male lead in this one; complete with the never trust the fae thing. I am now craving a reread of Moning’s Fever books. (c) The soft doesn’t drown out the hard… there’s intensity in the violence and it isn’t shy about it; it revels in the same.

If there's any negative to say about this: it would be that it ended almost too soon.