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One Kick (Kick Lannigan, #1) by Chelsea Cain

One Kick - Chelsea Cain

One Kick is my first read from Cain; and if her Heart books are anything close to this, then picture me excited.

The two leads in this are not so stellar: We know everything about Kick- but it is that she's a survivor who'se come up with ways of coping that mark her even more different, more remarkable. Contrast her to Bishop, and the scales are not balanced ever; as there's too much mystery around him, liking or disliking him is impossible. I didn't know anything about him!

That said, what they've tasked themselves to do was exciting then terrifying. (Also, I cried--- for the obvious reason: bad things happening to good people but worse to good animals!) In the end, One Kick is a mixed bag for me. Mostly, I enjoyed the excitement all her in-knowledge permitted: the various secret passage ways and that purposefully hidden culture... I wish more of this was explored even knowing that this was where the ugly lay. Because already, what they'd managed to uncover got terrifying and then ugly. But it's the HOW it's all managed that got a touch too MacGyver; otherwise, this was a good start to a series I am definitely going to continue.

Thank you, Edelweiss!