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To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han


There's a sequel, right? right?! 

Lara Jean confused me- on one hand, there's a sweetness to her that felt genuine; on the other, there were all those other moments of her being clueless, almost too clueless. It's a split that warranted a closer look on my part. And ta da! reading this was sweet then not so sweet and then back again. 

She reads young. Sometimes too young. Naïve, at best, then TSTL, at worst, she is Middle Child, who makes it’s clear that she’s no Margo – take charge, but neither is she the baby - sweet and all. Then with one out of the picture, the story partially becomes them coming into new roles and learning a new system; specifically, that Margo’s way isn’t necessarily her own. There’s a lot of insecurity because of this, and it’s in that that the True comes out. Because I could picture it: her muddling through things along with the rest of them. 

So, what’s my favorite thing about this book? ROLES. Roles they all take on first because of circumstance then because they've all grown used to it. Margo, Lara Jean and then Kitty- first one is in charge, last one adds the sweetness, and the middle set on observing; it's when all those things change that we witness how they are each capable of more- as well as less. 

The okay aspect: obviously, all the boys she'd loved before, and why each moment of her with them clarifies why it is in fact BEFORE and not STILL. 

This was a cute read… and made even more sweet with all the family stuff going on for her.