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Red at Night by Katie McGarry

Red at Night - Katie McGarry


I believed the leads in this one, particularly her changing views on what’s expected and what’s realistic. Weighing the safe route versus ambitious as she was is based on being knocked back time and again and the same having left an effect on her- a sad reality but a true one.

So, yes, I was buying that aspect of the story. Now him and who he was: shifting from not caring to caring too much is another thing completely. Because there’s this whole side kick jock back story that paints him unfavorably; but that they do come into each other’s lives at the point that they do, when his lost his footing and her a direction has them making sense together for me.

It is Katie McGarry novel, so yes, there is Drama. But in this one, there’s a move to go beyond him as rich boy and her as poor girl and yada yada yada (though if you want that kind of read, just look up her older stuff.) Anyway, thank the Gods, in making RED AT NIGHT less about that and more about their (particularly, her) changing views and what’s to be done about the same, I found myself liking this more and more.