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Bad for You (Sea Breeze, #7) by Abbi Glines

Bad for You - Abbi Glines

Since I had read all six books prior, I felt like I HAD TO read this seventh installment. that said i can't really wish my time back because I KNEW what I was getting into.

The title offers the first clue as to how things were going to proceed. While that should suffice, I have to throw out there how this felt like a step back for the series. The first book was all kinds of terrible (there's the poor girl girl on pedestal type to the rock star rich boy alpha type; lot's of weeping from the first, then lots of growling from the second.) And from that first book, the rest slowly (very, very slowly) progressed got a little more original. "A little" I say because each installment had a variation on the same theme but with growth of the incremental sort. sure, Breeze 2 had poor girl-rich boy combo and the the rest did sort of follow suit, but at least each book , (I felt) some my issues on alpha type plus the so-the-drama girl combo were being addressed. Because at least I thought with each girl, a little more depth was added; at least with each guy, there were hints of him being not just the Alpha-growly type ("hints" I say because they each were that too.)

In this one: we revert to Book 1. Yes, it comes with a couple of Dear Me's, from the too-perfect but girl who just doesn't see the same... all of which having him act mine mine mine over her. Ach. Gag me.