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Honor's Knight (Paradox, #2) by Rachel Bach

Honor's Knight - Rachel Bach


While there's twice as much kick ass, there's also a little more on the romance; it's the second that has me questioning: is this a good thing? Does all the lurv take away from what makes her a great lead and this story an engaging one? Honestly? I hesitate to say... it does a little. For in that moment of declarations made, apologies exchanged, and truths revealed, my eyes did roll... but only then; otherwise, this was mostly good.

So, to the good (of which there's plenty.) It's finally made clear the roles they each possess. Who's good? Who's bad? And what being either entailed. If nothing and no one was straight cut just good or just bad in Fortune's Pawn, that's not the case here. Like I said, she finally sees them all as they are. However, it's what she does about what she knows that proves just how kick ass she could be: See Devi dive off stuff, avoid death then cause time and time again. Also, see Devi lay things out as she faced off with whomever. (It's to this end that we witness how even when backed into a corner, she'd still have something cooking- even if it was just her taking as many of them down with her..) 'Twas all very never give up of her.

On the progression of events- things went from awesome to awesome to the not-so awesome then back again; it's in the slump here where love declarations and heart felt what-it's came out. When all along, I was waiting for someone's scales to pop through, or someone's armour to malfunction; basically me waiting on the dying or near-dying moments. And in the mean time, the way things pan out in the love department have it clear: I was wrong; he is no Barrons (even though I wish he were.)

Set that aside, lot's of things do take place, plenty enough that us missing out on a Barrons type is made acceptable. Aliens, more aliens, murder, mind reading, crazy queen then crazier king-types abound. So that if One was interesting, then this was crazy.