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Played (Hooked, #2) by Liz Fichera

Played  - Liz Fichera

Hmph…. Played was… cute? I just looked over what I had to say regarding Hooked; and lo, no surprises here, but this sequel has me feeling roughly the same way. UNDERWHELMED. Sam is the good kid who just takes and takes and takes the crap that’s unloaded on him; in other words, the male version of Fred. Thank the gods, that Ryan’s little sister isn’t a copy of her brother. She tries to do the right thing but finds herself time again doing the wrong thing; in a word: MISGUIDED.

Then take some convoluted plotting later and we have a romance. The same is cute and sweet, but before it got there: the both of them took turns trying my patience and being a pain in my ass, what with their respective issues: He is still the guy the girl didn’t choose; she is the little sister feeling overlooked. Boo. Friggin. Hoo.

That said, a couple of funnies in this one worked for me, including but not limited to: some kid and a failed Botox experiment; them each pushing the others’ buttons, rescue(s) failed or otherwise, plus brushes with death, physical injury, assault, and arrest (though not necessarily in that order). Things got crazy and funny because of it! (except I don’t think that’s the effect PLAYED was going for.)

Like I said, cute... but underwhelming.
Thank you, NG!