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Breaking Nova (Nova, #1) by Jessica Sorensen

Breaking Nova - Jessica Sorensen

Brave author is brave. There’s depressing then there’s depressing. Mawkish, self-pitying come to mind after reading this because he’s broken and so is she. He’s broken because he’s lost someone and blames himself; she’s broken because some else was broken before her and broke her. When they do finally meet and you’d think ‘Kindred spirit, you get me.’ Wrong.

The two see each other in the worst possible moments of both their lives: it’s in their respective aftermath’s. What’s the problem you ask? The whole reason I enjoyed (a term I use loosely) her first books were despite the leads being in their respective after’s as well, at least there, there was an effort to move beyond; not forgetting the root, but a one step forward then the next then the next nevertheless.

Yet, here it’s the both of them… No, wait it’s not even just the two leads but even the people around them who are all too bogged down in each their respective dramas. Him, on losing someone and her and self-castigating there for versus her, losing someone as well and doing basically the same thing the male MC was; the rest of them too with their using especially as they all USED each other.

But wait, there is a positive here- the ending. And how completely unexpected it went. There’s a feeling of redemption here that made an HEA for the both of them together unlikely. So, like I said, the brave author is brave.