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Five Ways to Fall (Ten Tiny Breaths #4) by KA Tucker

Five Ways to Fall: A Novel - K.A. Tucker

possibly, the best of ka tucker so far. damaged girl, she may be but there's a shift toward something else here. contrast that to a self confessed man whore whose very no-apologies about it. if nothing else, they certainly made for an interesting combination.

additional plus, this didn't feel like all those other companion novels in NA. the ones that felt tacked on to milk the first's success for all it's worth. sure, there are mentions of so and so from this or that installment, but their (reese's and ben's) story is precisely that: their story.

even better? it's not all about the chemistry between them. she's working on herself; he's already worked on himself, and that's when they meet. there are a lot more interesting moments care of reese because what a contradiction she could be! first messed up, then turning over a new leaf, at times insecure about the most mundane things i'd think outside the realm of what she'd give a fuck for; but all that's there in her- the crazy, the scary, and the vulnerable. now ben? not as compelling a character, but still interesting. all easy breezy about things but then dig deeper and there's a surprising something else as well.

but the biggest plus? that they're both inapologetic about who they are...but more as well.

thank you, edelweiss!