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Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern

Say What You Will - Cammie McGovern

say what you will. i feel sort of bad for not liking this more. it's got a lot going for it but it fell short of that something special. sure, the two are good for each other. she helps him and he helps her. sure, there's the tense-but-obvious questions on the 'rightness' of the two for each other. and sure, there's something more to the both of them than what makes them different: she, more than what her body cannot do. he, more than his compulsions.

but it's this last that i wish were explored more. as it was a lot of the book is them being there for each other... because of, all right, I'm saying it: convenience. he is who she knows and thus who she wants. and it is in knowing her that she becomes what he wants and yes, sadly, needs. but what if that weren't the case?

simply, the sad thing is it how a lot of them together becomes what they can do and want to do for each other. well, ok not just that... but a big part of things become that. and i just couldn't keep from hoping for more. maybe that's what should have drawn me in, the need in both. but in effect, it's what had expecting something more because there were hints of it in both of them. there's this big leap saying you're more than what you can't do, but a lot of what makes them who they are for each other is precisely that. there's a 'you complete me' feel that is only shed mere chapters toward the conclusion.

and I'm ok with that, but what of the rest of it? he sees himself as her helpmate, and she sees herself as the same for him. only later do they see themselves and allow themselves to be more. it's that bit- of them apart- that worked best for me; even if a little part of me (that romantic awe shucks prone part of me) was expecting an HEA. My point is this was almost like that old Depp movie only not as nuanced hence not as sweet.

thank you, edelweiss!