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Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

Complicit - Stephanie Kuehn

WTF was that? The blurb makes it perfectly what's to happen. That ominous It's him ending should take away from the reader's need to know. Because in essence we're told their what's what point blank... And yet, that's not how things play out.

Him piecing their past together, it's almost boring; but him piecing his reality together? Fascinating... even to that last moment when I was left gobsmacked about what had just/finally taken place. Because as he so eloquently put it himself, ' Perception and perspective can be stronger forces than reality.'

So Complicit is him putting things together, retracing the steps that lead up to his present. At times, I just couldn't rouse myself to care because Jamie he was neither brave nor wise nor good. A lotfelt too woe is me, too self-entitled (though maybe that's hindsight?) Liking him- even with Jenny seeing something in him- well, there's no big reason to do so. I just couldn't see it. There's this big disconnect from him to me but why, I am unsure.

The interesting: His memories of Cate versus who she really is. Well, she's not just girl-misunderstood. Because there's truth in how she paints her... but again not-just. In fact, it's all the 'not-just's' that make Complicit different. Jamie isn't just the boy you want to take under your wing. (There's something else to him. ) Cate isn't just who they all think she is. (There's something more to her.) Jenny, for that matter, the fact that she's with the guy at all, tells me she isn't just new girl... (there's something else there, too. I'm sure.)

By the way there's tragic and tragedy and the fact that our lives have been both all at once.

Yet despite all that, I feel like there's a lot more that could have been said. The whole Greek tragedy analogy we eventually work with oversimplified things, I thought. Him cast as so and so, or Cate, or even their birth mother as so and so... they are each more than that.

Thank you, Net Galley!