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The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith

The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E. Smith

The main thing I loved in The Geography of You and Me is how things and people move on. That almost single-minded focus that’s follows the meeting and falling of two protagonists in YA (and more often in NA) does happen here but it’s not the only thing here.

I enjoyed that initial connection, that maybe-could be moments for the both of them happening in their respective heads, but I more I enjoyed the way other things are acknowledged: other things outside of that Other One (him for her and her for him) came into play here. In fact it’s how both their lives move forward minus the Other in the picture. What made reading this even sweeter is that despite that absence, there’s a niggling moment for both of them sometimes. That while their lives roll on, there’s this moment or moments of them considering the what if and what could have been… Because there’s truth in that, right? Connection, progression, then recollection.

Now where things veered into the unlikely for me is that eventual reconnect: it smacked to close to Sleepless in Seattle and how those two kids forced that connection to be made; here it’s the reconnection that’s forced. But I’ll be frank, I can forgive it that one flaw because everything else felt possible here.
Thank you, N!