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Ink is Thicker Than Water by Amy Spalding

Ink is Thicker Than Water - Amy Spalding

Ink Is Thicker Than Water…. So, Amy Spalding, I think I love you. Too strong? Too desperate? The thing is this second book totally merits this new found devotion of mine. The way things play out in this one: it’s not just about her:

It’s family again,
it’s new connections,
and then it’s choice.
And it’s eventually all sorts of complications that stem from one, or two, or all of those.

First, here we have issues of family: family that one has been born into, as well as family that’s been made given choice after choice. But mainly I like how here’s no SLOW realization on her part that not everything is about her… the simple fact is she’s so aware of others and their baggage… but there’s negative to that same thing as well… the way she’s so good at coming in second… she was too good at being good, I felt… still, that’s not such a big thing to complain about, is it?

Another remarkable is the exploration on who she was as opposed to considerations on who she could become as well as who she was becoming. In fact it is that BECOMING for her and for so many people in this that pulled me in further. It’s that none of them are static here: not her, not her best friend, and neither her sister. So that change is palpable here and the effects of that ripple out so obviously, too. It’s the changes here that make it clear there are connections between and among them to begin with. And I JUST LOVED both aspects as presented here.