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Better off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

Better Off Friends - Elizabeth Eulberg

Ha ha! Better off Friends, something I enjoyed… just because. There’s no big reason that I read through this in a blink (don’t be fooled by that two day marker on my GR status. Life, you know, has a tendency of getting in the way of GR lurking/ posting.)

There’s something to the leads that was interesting. It’s that back and forth banter between their present-selves that’s definitely my favorite aspect, but that whole looking into the past as seen through/ experienced by so and so: hilarious at points sad too, but over all just plain fun.

I love the easy way things are told by the both of them, even when something not-so easy was happening. I also love the dual way things are told, and no, I talk not of the switching between him and her (though there’s that,) BUT the way the past is punctuated by the present. Doing so it’s clear what the ending is but it’s not the ending we’re after but the getting there. And getting there: equal parts funny and sad and frustrating on account of both their actions (inaction, too)

And boy have I been utter crap with names lately: Lead Girl, she’s not exactly “regular girl.” You could say she’s YA-typical; straight A type, bestiess with a beauty, and girl of sad-past variety. It’s lead boy who’s maybe, slightly different: new guy desperate to fit in (OK, so maybe not at all even slightly different. We’ve seen this type before; they just happened to be female leads at the time.) Still: we see the two of them change as individuals then as a pair. That their story does not happen in a blink but over time is the second best thing about all this. For them it’s not one moment ‘this’ and then next ‘that’. No, for them there really is change. It’s this that could be at times uncomfortable then at other moments: I suppose, almost inevitable.

This was CUTE… but not just.

Thank you,Edelweiss!