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the Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry

The Summer I Found You - Jolene Perry

The Summer I Found You… outside their respective issues, the two main leads lacked something vital. That is: personality. Her head in sand and him wanting to be seen for more than what’s been lost made things drama heavy, and at times could become a bit much.

It touches on some undeniably important things too but they’re tackled so that the impact ended up less than what it could (should?) have been... for both the leads. With the way things are set up: the meeting, that 'just' knowing, and then that build up towards there being a ”them,” all that had everything else swept aside. And while that may have been the point (the both of them ignoring what’s in their face,) the needy moments coupled with the frustrating wrong headedness they both could be got old fast. The them together felt too perfect with each other’s needing and wanting; they felt too matchy-matchy with him helping her through things and vice versa, all the while no one’s actually voicing out what really needs addressing. That for her, there's a need to face up to the gravity of things; for him, it’s an inability to move on, simply because his “what now” is a blank.

That type of heavy-ness? I could have dealt with, but when it’s the romance that’s become the focus more and more (or the complications that arise from that) that propel things forward… well, it’s just not enough.

This could have been more.

Thank you, Net Galley