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Premeditated by Josin McQuein

Premeditated - Josin L. McQuein

I knew it… I KNEW it… Every single reveal here isn’t necessarily a surprising reveal because anyone with a lick of sense and a moment or two for Scooby would likely have pieced things together. But like Scooby of old, it was entertaining, seeing things play out as they did in this one.

Except maybe my Scooby comparison isn’t a fair one as it lends itself to the idea that maybe Premeditated could be too juvenile? Maybe a Buffy comparison is best? How as one watched there’s the “I think I know what’s coming next” but that’s OK because Xander or Willow or Cordi or Buffy or the Wolf boy (seth, was it?) was funny anyway. That’s how they all read! (Yes, Buffy fan I am (was?) And though I may not know the title to every episode, I don’t think I actually missed one. Considering this was way before cable in Philippines achieving said feat required devotion and fancy handwork on my part to render the remote inaccessible for a little under an hour.

But back to Premeditated: something in all of them had me entertained. There’s a quick smart way she thought things through even when she wasn’t doing the smart thing. All of them read like that… plus, the brief drama moment of her slipping into someone else’s skin and pain and baring it? Compounded with the funny easy moments of her and who she was and her friends? I loved that too. For some reason Brucey has me thinking of Mean Girls… though why I still can’t explain.

Mystery. There’s next to none because frankly from get-o it’s obvious who did what and it’s obvious who didn’t. But her piecing it together and her being herself then not being herself? It’s all that that had me speeding through this. So yeah, it’s obvious the same way that Scooby and Shaggy could et.., but it’s entertaining in the same way all those buddy shows and TV are. There’s a true connection and awareness that those you like aren’t always perfect and they shouldn’t be.