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Bold Tricks by Karina Halle

Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle

Bold Tricks is not of the same caliber as the first two books even if by no stretch would I claim to be a Ellie/Camden fan girl. Both instances I was done reading, I still felt like I was missing something in that sad way when you’re out of the loop and not one of the cool kids. But seriously, I couldn’t quite grasp what the fuss was.

The first book was two screwed up people screwing each other over. The second book was three screwed up people doing the same. What made the two installments work was neither over dramatic declarations at the heels of slowly made realizations that each were prone to make, nor the crazy/deadly situations that they found themselves party to, but the people themselves.

What worked, for me at least, was how not perfectly good nor perfectly bad any of them were (despite what others had to say.) What worked were the things going on between them. Here there’s little of that and nothing was… happening with one burdened with guilt (again,) and another, burdened with the need to be OK with things (when the opposite is so obviously apparent) And the other one! The other made no sense at all. It’s sexy, yes, but the lack of sense in what any of them were doing hampered my enjoyment a bit.

Plus, talk about how out of nowhere certain things came! That thing with her mother? That work up toward the epilogue… where’d this maternal come from?

So rating the three: the first was the best, the second OK. And this one? It was something.