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Unsouled (Unwind Dystology #3) by Neal Shusterman

UnSouled (Unwind, #3) - Neal Shusterman

There’s more than one new character, there’s the already screwy characters getting screwier with each page, then there’s pasts uncovered as well as true intentions revealed! Long have I been a fan of these books and with things progressing as they did in this installment that feeling has only become stronger.

The very fact that so many things were going on should have put me off. Except the longer I think on it, the clearer it is that each storyline in this makes the whole arc stand out. Nothing in this was going to get resolved easily even if I felt that some of the drama had been (needlessly?) prolonged even if I felt things were made even more complicated with each new introduction and each unexpected twist.

And the twists! Holy Moe... Lev is different, Connor is showing more and more of his soft side, and Risa (I could have done with a bit more of Risa.) Or the (re) introductions of Starkey and Cam and Hayden and Bam; seeing things through their eyes it’s clear they’re not all bad, but not quite good either. Some of them are more “complicated” than others: I love that.

I love how, for some of them, there’s a line and they’re not quite firmly entrenched in where you think they belong. There’s so much room for surprises because of that. Then of course, the actual introductions of Grace and Argent; they’ve made it so there’s even more people to keep track of!

Extending the series to book four as they did was the right call because even I’m slightly desperate to get to that conclusion pushing two hundred pages more would have made the story too convoluted with all the players and their respective motivations and back stories.