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Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi


Starting this I had this niggling fear: Would this end be too... neat? And right now? I'm feeling... this was mostly all kinds of perfect as my brain makes the leap from Roar/Perry to Perry/Aria to Aria/Roar to Perry/Cinder to Perry/the Tides to Aria/ the Dwellers and recalling each bit that had me grin, had me heart-clutch, had me grin again, had me sigh little, then had me heart-clutch again.

I'm struggling not to post anymore because... this.. it.. Roar!... and then..! See? That's me struggling not to write anymore. Instead I'm going what may be a slightly douche-y route, in I'm saying: Into the Still Blue is just as good as you think it is (OK, so perhaps not "slightly" at all.)

Thank you, book goddess (you know who you are).