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Playing Dirty (Stargazer, #2) by Jennifer Echols

Playing Dirty - Jennifer Echols

It was either the fever or something else, but I found the arrangements in this book at first too pat. I would have taken that over the CONVOLUTED path things started to take. Country band with secrets meets their match in publicist with an even bigger secret. All of them are playing their parts, yet they couldn’t even be funny while at it.

Her Natsuko as opposed to his big ole’ country hick dumb boy should have been hilarious but it wasn’t. Instead we’ve got steamy then steamier encounters that made no sense… because all that came out of nowhere! Think skin flick of naughty chambermaid/nurse/whatever walking in then *kapow* people going at it with barely a Hi thar, pretty thing. This is a little like that only there really isn’t any reason for her to be into him and vice versa. They’re both aware of the other’s shenanigans but with neither calling the other out. Then more convoluted: every one else is aware of what they’re doing and not saying. So, while him knowing one thing and acting another and her knowing one thing and behaving contrary to that should have been funny… it really wasn’t because not a thing in this made sense.

I wanted to like this one, but I’m sorry, I don’t. There were the makings of cute and hilarious and sexy here though: what with more than one of them hiding their true selves? But one person then another person with an agenda and each of them either playing something up /down or hiding something all together. Well, a lot going on but not much reason behind the same had me feeling lost. And that’s neither cute or sexy or funny at all.